Your Practice for Physiotherapy at the Old Danube

We are a team of specialists for rehabilitation, physical exercise, exercise training and prevention. No matter whether you want to master your everyday life better or have high athletic goals – we will make sure you reach your goals!

You are in the best hands you can get!

Become active

Professional therapeutic support is of huge importance for the healing process when dealing with acute and recurring pain as well as after an accident or surgery. We are your partner for the aftercare you need to enjoy your (athletic) active life again as soon as possible. We recommend you to take advantage of physiotherapy already before surgery to provide the best possible result and shorten the process of rehabilitation.

Accomplish more together!

Be Active

We define your athletic goals together with you, no matter if you are a hobby or professional athlete. We support you in reaching these goals by creating an individual training program just for you that avoids overstressing and injury of your musculoskeletal system.

Because you have only one body!

Stay active

Uncertainty is natural after times of reduced or no physical activity and when starting a new sport. Our experts in expanding the range of motion paired with their background in different sports support you with very specific physical check-ups and training programs for your first steps or when starting again. This enables you to begin a more active life without worries.



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