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Please contact us for an appointment at 0699 / 17 49 74 66


To prepare for your appointment please take following recommendations into account

  • You need a medical prescription for physiotherapy from your general practitioner or medical specialist. To get the therapy costs (partially) refunded we recommend you to get approval from insurance latest before your second treatment.

  • Due to hygienic reasons please bring your own large towel for your treatment.

  • We recommend you to come in sportswear or comfortable pants and t-shirts.

  • Payment of the treatment costs needs to be agreed upon with each therapist prior to your session and paid in cash or via bank transfer after each treatment unit.


60 min Physiotherapy € 95,00
45 min Physiotherapy € 80,00
30 min Physiotherapy € 60,00

The health insurance covers a part of the treatment costs. The amount varies based on the insurance and your coverage.

You have to inform us at least 24 hours before your appointment, if you cannot come. Otherwise we have to invoice you for the reserved treatment slot.

Question? Happy to answer them, please contact us via telefon or email

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